AI-Powered API for Scientific Text Analysis

The OpenResearch API (OR-API) provides you with machine learning-powered NLP tools for scientific text analysis and exploration. In addition to allowing the training of your own models with your own data, the OR-API enables you to integrate the insights from the analysis in your dashboards and applications.

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Main Services

Find the most relevant topics in a collection of documents

Topic Modeling is a statistical approach for discovering common themes in a collection of documents. Use this approach to find out what your collection is about.

Cluster documents according to their similarities

Doc2Vec is an unsupervised learning approach to learn document representations. Use Doc2Vec to find out how document are related to each other.

Ask questions in natural language and obtain valuable insights

BioBERT model fine-tuned for question answering. Use this approach for finding text excerpts that best answer to natural language questions.

OR-API Documentation

The OR-API Documentation contains instructions about how to effectively use and integrate the API with an third-party apps. Access Postman to know all the information required to work with the API, with details about the functions, classes, return types, arguments as well as tutorials and examples.

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